Hey there! I'm

Lauren Chandler

A Product Designer, doodler, and Scandinavian design enthusiast. I use simple, elegant, and intuitive design to create fantastic products.

I've always been drawn to artistic endeavors, but before I studied human computer interaction, I was a painter, traveling musician, and teacher.

After high school, I followed my creative spirit and moved to Europe to study textile design and opera singing. After several years of performing in Sweden, I returned home to the United States to study in San Francisco at the Conservatory of Music. There, I privately taught 5 to 8-year-olds, but soon discovered the exciting challenge of teaching both 18-month-

olds who couldn’t yet talk and their adult parents in the same classroom. Clearly speaking to both groups wasn’t easy, but I loved entertaining and helping families come together through music.

After several years of teaching, my lifelong passion for learning brought me to study UX/UI Design at Lambda School. Today, I enjoy applying my teaching background to connect with users while employing my performance background to come up with beautiful and creative solutions.

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